Oooh, okay, festivids is live. Oh yes. A few quick recs from my initial run through:

Mercy (Ben Hur)
Okay, so I watched this movie pretty much every Easter as a kid, it was a family tradition, and this vid is such a perfect tribute to it. The tragedy, the build, the theme of mercies given and denied, the sheer scale. I love it.

Zero (The Cell)
A movie I haven't seen at all this time, which I'm possibly happy about, but holy shit. The imagery and the music in this vid, the visceral punch of it. Visually this movie is stunning and horrifying (serial killer, dream imagery, phobias, mutilation, drowning), and the vid is just ... the music video from hell, stunning and viscerally nasty. Wow.

Save the Last Dance (The Conjuring movies)
Moving to something short but terribly sweet, this is Ed and Lorraine Warren from the Conjuring movies just being happy and in love, with no mention of the horrors they live through. I'm not much for horror generally but I love these movies, and this vid is just small and lovely.

A Tune Like The End of The World (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell)
Okay, okay, okay. This is six whole minutes of a John Childermass vid, and it is so incredible. There's so much meat in this. The show and the shadows and slowly stepping out beyond your bounds. The thread of Childermass and Vinculus. The end of the world, prophecy and death, freedom afterwards. Oh, this is amazing. Layered and inexorable and incredible.

Tanz aus der Reihe (Ku'damm '56)
Another source I haven't seen, but after this I really want to. Dance as a way of stepping outside what you're supposed to be and becoming something closer to what you want to be instead, how incredibly hard that can be, but how rewarding, and not necessarily just for you. Also, the vid makes you want to move. I love it.

I Get The World: The World Gets Me (L.A.Confidential)
This one is my favourite. Ed, Ed Exley, his simultaneous corruption and victory, as he loses his shine and his naivety and becomes something harder and more battered, meaner and more righteous. Ed and Bud and Lynn, their conflicts and their parellels and their echoes. I love what the vid does with Ed and Lynn in particular. Also the hints of OT3. Just. This is my favourite vid this year. My vicious, righteous neo-noir babies. I love them.

Walking on Sunshine (Matilda)
Back to short and sweet and happy-making again, this is Matilda and Miss Honey over the course of the movie, finding each other and fighting for each other and rescuing each other and becoming family for each other and finding their happy ending. A vid for when you want to be happy :)

My Love (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)
More happy-making. Jack/Phryne, a-to-z, pure distilled chemistry. The course of something slow and delicate and unbreakable. Utterly gorgeous. It makes my chest feel fizzy.

Keep Dancing (Strictly Come Dancing)
Oh, the perfect Strictly vid. The constant joy and occasional ridiculousness of dancing, and the way we all madly adore it. A celebration. Fantastic pick-me-up vid!

Vienna (The Third Man)
A more sombre and threatening turn now, this vid is a tense tour of one of the most iconic noirs ever made. The wordless sense of tension and paranoia, the aftermath of war, the feeling of being watched (I love the use of the city statuary shots), building to the last desperate chase. It's so short, but it does absolutely everything it needs to.
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