Given recent shenanigans and the fact that I'm posting here less and less anyway, I'm planning to leave LJ altogether and delete this journal :(

I'm currently backing up my entries to my dreamwidth account. Once that's finished, I'll probably wait a day or so and then delete this journal. I'm also on AO3 and tumblr, and probably use those two more than anything else lately.

It's been a nice ride, folks.
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From: [personal profile] wanted_a_pony

Hi! I've been reading through your fics on AO3 & commenting (as myself or Anonymissy), perhaps too much. I just finished "The JARVIS Variations", & in the second chapter you linked to "the Cryogeist cyberpunk AU vaguely outlined in that LJ post"—now gone, of course. Is that post mirrored here on DW?

I've taken the liberty of subscribing to your journal because I find your fics, & very probably your brain too, shiny & brilliant. You're welcome to mine in return but, unfortunately, I almost never post post anything: many thoughts, but no descernable order or purpose. /o\


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