It occurs to me that I seem to really like being mean to vampires. I've written them running afoul of both the Pied Piper and a haunted/reincarnated/possessed yew tree (long story, let's call him a dryad) so far, and one of those stories that I've promised myself I'm going to get around to writing some day has some vampires run afoul of a village of selkies, in a 'vampiric couple takes scenic coastal tour and realises a shade too late that they're holidaying in Innsmouth' sort of way. Though, in that case, it's more of a mutual misfortune, and the ghost and the stormwitch also didn't help. Heh. I just like having vampires run into things that are weirder or stronger or more dangerous than they are, or even just things that are unexpectedly capable against them.

Thinking about it, an incomplete list of nasty things I want vampires to try and mug in a dark alley/remote forest/unexpectedly dangerous holiday:

On Tolkien and elves and why they sometimes bug me. Me personally, I mean.

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( Feb. 18th, 2016 07:06 pm)
My sister and I tend to have interesting conversations. The book I bought today to reward myself for surviving an interview is "Ghost: 100 Stories to Read with the Lights On", editted by Louise Welsh. It's basically 100 ghost stories arranged in chronological order from Pliny's "The Haunted House" ca. 113 AD and runs up to recent publications. (I have read a surprising amount of the classics before, despite horror having never been my main go-to genre). On the back of this, we ended up talking about what types of horror scare us more. I tend to favour ghost stories, stories of madness, and cosmic horror stories, while she tends more towards serial killers, zombies and the evils that men do.

I think it comes down to, I am more afraid of unknowns and things that affect the mind, while she's more afraid of physical dangers and things that affect life and limb. I've never been overly disturbed by vampires or serial killers, anything you can potentially stab with a stake or brain with a rock to take care of the problem (however successfully the attempt might go), and zombie stories tend more to either bore, disgust or depress me. But ghosts, intangible things that inspire dread and that are much more difficult to disperse, and absolutely anything at all regarding madness, mental deterioration, gaslighting, psychological abuse, external control and extrusions of unknown factors that simply cannot be dealt with rationally, those scare the pants off me. I don't mind adrenal, action-based fear, but seeping, paralysing dread and a loss of control or comprehension do it for (or rather to) me every time.

I suppose it really is what you're most basely afraid of that defines what sort of horror works best for you. Heh.
Given that there's a new Star Wars movie now (which I haven't seen yet, but plan to once I can get DVDs), and because of it the old Star Wars movies are now being discussed again everywhere ... I was wondering, is there any meta anywhere about Leia and Lando and their choices as leaders in the OT? Because I don't exactly have focused thoughts about it, but it's a compare-and-contrast that keeps niggling at me lately.

I'm talking about Leia as a Princess of Alderaan and Lando as the Admistrator of Cloud City, and their reactions to the Imperial threat to their people, and the circumstances of their joining the Rebellion. That choice.

Regarding this Marvel engagement rings tumblr post, in which it gives the ring each superhero would get you. I, ah, disagree somewhat.

See, I could see these being marketed by in-universe jewellers as 'the engagement ring ~insert superhero~ would buy you', but I really can't see most of them as the ring the actual person would buy someone they loved. Especially, I gotta say it, especially Steve. I can't see him buying that particular monstrosity for anyone.

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( Oct. 3rd, 2015 06:24 pm)
Now that I've read it. Some very random and unscientific thoughts on Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. The book, I mean. Because I saw the show first, a lot of this will be compare-contrast, probably. Also, liable to feature a lot of Stephen Black. I have thoughts about Stephen Black.

Okay. So I have just watched through all seven episodes of the miniseries version of "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell". I haven't read the book yet, though it's planned for when next I head to the library. Have some confused and somewhat spoilery reactions under the cut?

Things I'd forgotten watching the TOS episode "Mirror Mirror" again:

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( Jul. 16th, 2015 06:14 pm)
I am beginning to realise how much I really, really, really love the darker kinds of passion in fic. (Shush, yes, I know I should probably have figured that out well before now). Looking back over my fic, it's kind of obvious that I really do like the more savage side of love.

We went up the mountains today, my parents, my dog and I. We haven't done that in a while. And I tell you, there is nothing like going up a mountain of a November evening and watching silver sunlight fall out across the mists and the grey-green flanks of the mountains rolling away from you onto the plains. It's all height and wind and the fall of the land and the silver sky, and there is nothing like it in all the world.

Which reminds me, while I'm vaguely on the subject and also waxing poetic over here. I've been going through a burst of reading Thranduil fanfic lately. I can't remember why. I do, however, remember why I've always been rather fond of him. Aside from the whole 'fey forest dweller' thing, I mean, because I am Irish and I did grow up with the Fair Folk, and Thranduil is basically the Erlking of Middle Earth.

I like him because he's one of the single most bloody-minded stubborn people in the whole of Middle Earth. No rings, no power, no particular virtues, but he's the last Elven power standing into the Fourth Age, and he gets there basically by out-stubborning everybody else going. He planted his forest on the map, adopted what looks like basically a policy of "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough, otherwise piss off" towards international relations, and then simply outlasted war, corruption, spiders, dragons, necromancers, a couple of almost apocalypses, the fading of the other elven realms east of the sea, and an age or two of Middle Earth. Successfully, if not always particularly helpfully. All by dint of being stubborn, cautious, forward-thinking, well-positioned, and perfectly capable of fielding violent deterants when it comes to it. He's angry, suspicious, prideful and arrogant, but he's held his own by hook or by crook, and by Eru if you want him to go down then you damn well better put your back into it.

I just ... I like that. He's kind of like what you'd get if you took the pride of Men, the temper of Dwarves, and the priorities of Ents, and wrapped them in the mobility, decisiveness and lifespan of an Elf. I mean, is it any wonder Legolas is perfectly happy knocking around Fangorn with a dwarf and a man? It's just like home for him. Thranduil has nobody to blame but himself.

Sometimes I wonder if Elrond really envies Thranduil sometimes. If you want someone to help everyone in range and put effort into international relations and save the world on a repeated basis and suffer every possible grief in the process, the Elf you want is Elrond. The Elf you want is always Elrond. Looking at that picture of him in the movies, cradling his head in exhausted exasperation while the Council of Elrond cheerfully dissolves into racial and political blood feuds around him, I wonder if he doesn't imagine Thranduil locking them all in his dungeons or kicking them all the hell out of his forest in a fit of imperious fury and wish he could be that Elf just this once. It probably wouldn't help, but I bet it would be reeeaaaallllly satisfying just for a second there.

Though to be fair to Thranduil, he probably wouldn't actually do that either. Think it, yes, but probably not do it. He's reasonably good at negotiations when he wants to be, is Thranduil, he just has waaayyyy less patience than Elrond. Which, to be fair, can probably be said of some mountains as well.

I just ... I like bloody-minded perseverance in a character? If a lot of Elves are creatures of metal, water and light, Thranduil is a creature of wood, stone and fire, and I do like it about him. He's very Entlike, in many ways. One of the hasty ones, admittedly, who'll rip your arms off if you're not careful, but still. Heh. I like him.
I'm rewatching Star Trek TOS again (as people have probably noticed), and I was rewatching "The Immunity Syndrome" last night. And something struck me about the conversation between Spock and McCoy before Spock heads out in the shuttle.

Wow, I'm slow. Penny Dreadful, despite the crazy monster mash they're rolling with, actually did keep the same basic roles as the original Dracula team, and I missed it. *facepalm* I should have noticed that as soon as Ethan walked on screen, since he's basically Quincey. The show just transposed new/different characters into the role slots of the original team.

Random thoughts on Steve vs Tony (vs Loki) on the Helicarrier, two years late and very obsolete -_-;

Just for the record, I've seen neither Thor 2, IM3 nor CA:TWS yet. I should probably fix that, but howandever.

I was just rewatching Avengers recently, though, and there's been a crap tonne of Steve meta floating around lately in the run-up and wake of CA:TWS, which was making me think about it in a new light.

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( Apr. 9th, 2014 02:48 pm)
Okay, so I've caught back up with Once Upon A Time, as of 'It's Not Easy Being Green'. I have some opinions?

Anyway. Summary. Um. I'm finding developments interesting? There's only a couple of threads that are honestly still catching me under the breastbone, and a surprising number of them actually have to do with Cora. And Emma. Other than that, I think I'm very much in 'wait and see' mode for this half of the season?
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( Mar. 5th, 2014 09:33 pm)
While I've got a bunch of random RotG ideas in my head, I'm wondering if there exists such a thing as a Rise of the Guardians/Nightmare Before Christmas crossover where Lock, Shock and Barrel open the wrong door to Christmas and end up trying to kidnap Nicholas St North by accident? Because if any Santa deserves the name of Sandy Claws, it really is North. *grins, shakes head*

I'm not sure Jack Frost and Jack Skellington should be put in the same universe, though. Mind you, they might have a few things in common besides the name, too ...
Okay. This is some musing, partially based on fiction and partially on personal experience, about how we fundamentally view the world and how that affects how we then interact with it. It's sort of a meta, but probably too personal to really qualify. It's been a long time coming, because I've been trying to figure out how to SAY it for ... well, approximately three or four years? *shrugs sheepishly*

I apologise in advance if it makes exactly zero sense.

Just for a bit of randomness on a slow day, I thought I'd Sort the cast of Once Upon A Time into Hogwarts Houses? Because that seems like a good idea?

Well. Some of the OUAT cast, anyway. And we're going by the stated values of each of the Hogwarts Houses, not by the track record of sorting in Harry Potter itself, because consistent, it wasn't. Um. At all. House values below:

Gryffindor: Courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry
Hufflepuff: Hard work, patience, justice and loyalty
Ravenclaw: Intelligence, creativity, learning and wit
Slytherin: Ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness

So. Long few weeks. For some reason, I've actually started taking naps, usually after a shower and before dinner. I'm just ... very tired the past while. *shrugs*

In TV terms, I've been catching up with Once Upon A Time, up to 3x05. Um. Look. Apparently I will forgive one hell of a lot in order to watch Bobby Carlyle as a trickster sorcerer? I mean, I don't see much problem with this.

And, to finish on a slightly related but mostly not topic, I recently came across this idea for a race-bent Addams Family. Positing OUAT's Giancarlo Esposito (Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror) as Gomez Addams. And, um. I would be perfectly fine with that. Just saying.

*shakes head* Oi. I'm going back to bed. Hopefully I'll wake up properly sometime later in the week. Heh.
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( Aug. 2nd, 2013 10:05 pm)
Keeping up my slow rewatch of the first three seasons of Airwolf, I watched 3x02 'Airwolf II' last night. *grins faintly* You gotta love 80s action shows, you know? You just gotta.

And leaving Airwolf for the minute, and switching genres rather radically, I've also been rewatching clips of Yes Minister on youtube, because sometimes you really just need a little Sir Humphrey in your life. Heh. He is so fantastically amoral and pragmatic and scarily on-point sometimes. For example:

The 80s had some pretty fabulous TV, you know that? Heh.
I've randomly been reading Sentinel fusions in various fandoms recently (triggered by Stringfellow Hawke's hyper-acute hearing on Airwolf and idly considering that if they'd been concurrent, there would probably have been a lot of crossovers). Well, skimming them. You know, the ones where such-a-character from Show A is really a Sentinel and such-a-character is their Guide?



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