Odd fragment of a Greek myth science fantasy, originally written for a prompt of ‘immanence’. To warn, I’m working almost entirely off Wikipedia for the mythology and the Greek terminology, so apologies in advance.

Title: Talaris
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Talaris
Characters/Pairings: Hermes, Helios, humanity
Summary: At the dawn of a new era, beyond what even gods know, Hermes and Helios stand on a space station to watch humanity's first FTL spaceship prepare for her maiden voyage. And Hermes, at least, prepares to join her
Wordcount: 1800
Warnings/Notes: Science fantasy, mythology, gods, humanity, outer space, FTL travel, experimentation, exploration, hope, fear, future
Disclaimer: the gods aren't mine

Talaris )
It occurs to me that I seem to really like being mean to vampires. I've written them running afoul of both the Pied Piper and a haunted/reincarnated/possessed yew tree (long story, let's call him a dryad) so far, and one of those stories that I've promised myself I'm going to get around to writing some day has some vampires run afoul of a village of selkies, in a 'vampiric couple takes scenic coastal tour and realises a shade too late that they're holidaying in Innsmouth' sort of way. Though, in that case, it's more of a mutual misfortune, and the ghost and the stormwitch also didn't help. Heh. I just like having vampires run into things that are weirder or stronger or more dangerous than they are, or even just things that are unexpectedly capable against them.

Thinking about it, an incomplete list of nasty things I want vampires to try and mug in a dark alley/remote forest/unexpectedly dangerous holiday:

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( Feb. 9th, 2016 05:52 pm)
You know sometimes you have a thought, and it's an excellent thought, but you don't know what to do with it?

I was just thinking, Irish Mythology and the Tuatha Dé Danann, a couple of my favourite figures are Nuada Airgetlám (because he's fairly sensible and humble as conquering kings go) and Lugh Lámhfhada (because he's a trickster king), and I was thinking idly that if you anglicised and modernised the names a bit, taking into account that Lugh's dad is Cian, what you might come up with is Ned Silver and "Longhand" Lou McKeane. Which ... I mean, tell me those aren't the protagonists of a western here. Or bankrobbers during the Great Depression or what have you. Especially considering that Lugh is one of the best shots in Irish Mythology (knocked Balor's eye through the back of his head with a slingshot and all), and a calm, soft-spoken man with a metal hand (Nuada's called 'silver hand' for a reason) hidden by a glove is never out of place in a western.

I just ... I kinda want to do something with it, but I'm not sure what. All I have is a pair of names. Ned Silver & Longhand Lou McKeane. They just sound like they should be in a western, you know? A pair of reincarnated Irish gods wandering the old west, one calm and level-headed with a prosthetic hand and a hell of a haymaker, the other kinda arrogant and hotheaded but with the pistol skills to back it up.

Eh. Western AU of Irish Mythology. Maybe I'll get around to it someday.
These are just about 1700 words of rough notes, mostly outlining, research and associations, that I did in preparation for the Walpurgis Nacht story. Normally I wouldn't post these, but the stuff about the Harz and the Piper is really kind of interesting, so I thought I'd throw them up as well. The actual story shifted a bit from this outline as I was fighting with it (seriously, there were five separate drafts and two months of fighting involved), but since they're only rough notes I figured I'd leave them.

Something odd that I've been meaning to do for a while. This is likely riddled with historical and geographic inaccuracies. Heh. I've just wanted something with the Piper vs vampires for a while, and I've been fighting with this story for ages, so I thought I'd just throw it up as is before I got any more annoyed with it.

Title: Walpurgis Nacht
Rating: R
Fandom: Fairytales, Pied Piper of Hamelin, German Folklore, Vampire Folklore
Characters/Pairings: The Pied Piper, Mila (OC), the Lady in Red (OC)
Summary: In 1876, in the Harz mountains in Saxon Germany, a dark court takes possession of a ruined castle overlooking a village, led by a lady all in red. On Walpurgis Nacht, the most dangerous night of the year, a stranger wanders into the terrified town, and the world is made to realise that there are things that even vampires should not mess with
Wordcount: 5881
Warnings/Notes: Folklore, vampires, spelled thrall, conflict, bonfires, people being set very thoroughly on fire, horror. Happy ending, though. More or less.
Disclaimer: Oh, not mine.

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For the following prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic: "Death, he can't remember if he was ever alive". Which, apparently, results in an odd mash-up of 'Death and the Maiden' and the Brothers Grimm.

Title: Das Lied Vom Tod
Rating: PG
Fandom: European Folklore, Grimm's Fairytales, Death and the Maiden
Characters/Pairings: Der Tod|Death
Summary: Death comes from life, and bones come from bodies, but Death cannot remember if he was ever alive
Wordcount: 471
Warnings/Notes: Death, amnesia, existential angst, and waxing philosophical
Disclaimer: Not mine

Written, as always, for a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. It was a lyrics prompt, and the lyrics in question are under the cut.

Title: Threnody
Rating: R
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Characters/Pairings: Orpheus, Maenads, discussion of Eurydice and Hades. Orpheus/Eurydice
Summary: Orpheus' last song. It was not his murderers to whom he sang
Wordcount: 432
Warnings/Notes: Death and dismemberment in a Dionysian dance (alliteration ahoy!), music and legacy, love and reunion in death
Disclaimer: Not mine

Threnody )
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Random thing for a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic: 'they are reincarnated lovers who have a chance to get it right this time'. I'm in a depressive mood, apparently, because this ... doesn't quite go like that -_-;

Title: Loved Not Wisely
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original Work
Characters/Pairings: The Lovers
Summary: There are such things as paired souls, drawn to each other across all the cycles of reincarnation. This is the story of one pair, whose love was so great that a god cursed them out of jealousy, so that they should always meet as enemies, and recognise each other only as they met their doom at each other's hands.
Wordcount: 1803
Warnings/Notes: Death, reincarnation, curses, damnation, defiance, love
Claimer: Mine, more or less

I've been kind of wanting to do something with the 'Chaste Galahad' idea for a while, and I was reminded recently that in a magical world there are creatures that can helpfully point these things out to people. Also, I'm very fond of unicorns. 'The Last Unicorn' is still one of my favourite movies ever, and the opening references to 'The Hunt of the Unicorn' did give me an idea -_-;

Title: Siege Perilous
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Librarians (2014), Arthurian Myth
Characters/Pairings: Eve Baird, Flynn Carsen, Jenkins, Unicorn. Eve/Flynn, Eve & Flynn & Jenkins, Jenkins & unicorn
Summary: There are things in this world that demand purity. There are others for whom decency and a willingness to try are plenty good enough. OR, Flynn and Eve get cornered by a homicidal unicorn, and Jenkins saves them in a rather old-fashioned way.
Wordcount: 7053
Warnings/Notes: Canon-typical violence, rescues, mythology, discussion of virginity and possibly asexuality
Disclaimer: Not mine

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Following from Old Blood and New. There's a lot of the Morte D'Arthur version in this, but essentially I'm picking whichever bits/versions of the mythology will be the most angsty. *grins sheepishly*

Title: Sins of the Father
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Librarians (2014), Arthurian Myth
Characters/Pairings: Jenkins, Dulaque, Jake Stone, mention of Morgan Le Fay, Guinevere and Arthur. Jenkins & Dulaque, Lancelot/Guinevere, Jenkins & Jake
Summary: Jenkins receives a second unwelcome caller in as many weeks, and after what happened with Morgan he's not sure he can bear it. The news of what happened isn't something Dulaque can leave unanswered, however. No matter how many grudges, old and new, are dredged up in the process. At least Jake is there to ease the aftermath.
Wordcount: 5658
Warnings/Notes: Discussion of bastard sons, betrayal, rape, civil war ... all the fun stuff from Arthurian myth. In the present, a fractured father-son relationship, hurt/comfort, angst
Disclaimer: Not mine

The Jenkins/Galahad, Lancelot/Dulaque, Lucinda McCabe/Morgan Le Fay thing is obviously still in my head, and I'm still kind of in the mood for Jenkins!whump. So. Um. Yes. You get something dark and horrible drawing on Arthurian myth?

Title: Old Blood and New
Rating: R
Fandom: The Librarians (2014), Arthurian Myth
Characters/Pairings: Jenkins, Morgan le Fay, Eve, Flynn, Ezekiel, Cassandra, Jake, mention of Lancelot. Jenkins & Team (especially Ezekiel & Eve), unrequited Morgan/Lancelot, implied Eve/Flynn
Summary: Morgan Le Fay had waited a long time to find Galeas again. A long time, for old debts and old vengeances to come due. She knows where he is, now. There is still a price to be paid for a parent's sin. Whether his little Librarians can pick up the pieces once it's paid is another story altogether.
Wordcount: 7952
Warnings/Notes: Past rape, present coerced kissing, angst, vengeance, hurt/comfort, protectiveness, anger, families of choice, hope
Disclaimer: Not mine

Coda to 1x10, 'Loom of Fate', with reference to 1x05 'Apple of Discord', and also to the film 'The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice'. I've just watched all ten episodes, and then rewatched all three movies, and I really, really wanted some Jenkins hurt/comfort with bonus Judson. *grins sheepishly*

Title: Reflections of the Past
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Librarians (2014), The Librarian Movies, Christian & Arthurian Myth
Characters/Pairings: Jenkins, Judson, mention of Dulaque, Charlene, Flynn and Eve. Jenkins & Judson, Jenkins & Dulaque, Judson/Charlene, Judson & Flynn, Eve/Flynn
Summary: With the Librarians and Guardians all back out doing their thing, Jenkins finally has a moment of peace and quiet in his Annex, to grieve and to acknowledge the impact of his choices. Or at least he did, until someone unexpected drops in, and maybe makes things a little bit better. Jenkins & Judson, post 'Loom of Fate'
Wordcount: 2792
Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for the series plus movies. Hurt/comfort, families of choice, kinda schmoopy?
Disclaimer: Not mine

Written from a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic of: "She prefers to be honoured than loved." It seemed to fit Hades/Persephone?

Title: Love, Honour and Obey
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Characters/Pairings: Persephone, Hades, Minthe. Hades/Persephone
Summary: Persephone, the Iron Queen. She is more feared and honoured now than loved, but she is not to be pitied for it. Indeed, she is to be envied, for those gifts she has won unequalled in all the world
Wordcount: 760
Warnings/Notes: Attempted infidelity, promises, oaths, death gods, marriage from kidnapping ... Hades/Persephone? All that that entails -_-;
Disclaimer: Not mine

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( Feb. 18th, 2014 12:25 am)
Death plays dice with a knucklebone
And the Devil cheats at cards
Ain't nobody sayin'
What game God's playin'
But it's goin' the whole nine yards
From today's [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic theme:

Harry Potter, Hermione, Badass:

Knowledge is power, and she's well-armed.

Rivers of London, Peter/Nightingale, Touch:

A vestigial echo, prodded to life.

MCU, Tony/Loki, Smirk:

Are losers supposed to look smug?

New Tricks, Strickland, Liar:

Lies of omission, sometimes necessary evils.

Once Upon A Time, Rumpelstiltskin, Royal:

Synonymous with 'demanding brat'. Trust him.

Greek Mythology, Eumenides, Kind Ones:

They cleanse. There is nothing kinder.

Pacific Rim/Cthulhu Mythos, Kaiju, Cthulhu Lies Sleeping:

Not all kaiju broke surface unscathed.

MCU, Tony Stark, Technology:

Shouldn't go boom. Well. Not always.

Discworld, Igor, Secondhand:

"Got a nithe, frethh one, Mathter."

Author's choice, Author's choice, Dark:

Blinded by light, in darkness heal.

Author's choice (Dresden Files), Author's choie, Apex Predator:

One word, ladies and gents. Sue.

Author's choice, Author's choice, Ties

Necktie: a garrotte waiting to happen.

New Tricks, Gerry Standing, Dirty House

Last man standing, for a reason.

Musketeers 2014, Aramis/Queen Anne, Forbidden:

Worse than affairs. Well nigh treason.

Author's choice (Dexter's Lab), Author's Choice, Repetition:

"Omelette du fromage. Omelette du fromage ..."

Don't Look Under The Bed, Frannie, Mysterious Things You Find Under The Bed:

Gym socks, boogeymen, and hell dimensions.

Author's choice (Greek Myth), Author's choice (Pandora), Hope:

At the bottom of the box ...
There are moments when I realise that the continuum between fanfic, AU and original story can be very, very short when it comes to my writing. It makes me wonder somewhat about my writing impulses.

There are several original worlds/storylines that I basically run as comfort stories in my head. I mean, when I'm walking or thinking or somewhere without access to external stories, or when I'm lying abed trying to sleep and kind of failing at it, or just when I want to ramble around in some world that isn't this one, I tend to grab around among the stories in my head until I find one that feels good right now, and let it run awhile.

I'm mentioning this now because I was running one earlier, and tracing it back through earlier iterations out of curiosity's sake, and abruptly remembered that that story had initially started out as a fandom AU. It'd been more or less morphed beyond all recognition by the present iteration, but it had actually started as a mental fanfic.

And there are a couple of those, now that I'm remembering them. I tend to write AUs at the drop of a hat, and to imagine AUs for half the bloody canons I've ever seen/read, and some of the ones I don't end up actually writing as fanfic have a tendency to shift on me. Just as an illustration, a couple of the ones I actually ended up writing fragments of in their orig-fic forms:

For a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic.

Title: Handfasting
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Characters/Pairings: Hades, Persephone. Hades/Persephone
Summary: Hades and Persephone, the first time she returns to him after the price of pomegranate seeds is revealed
Wordcount: 784
Warnings/Notes: Marriage won by trickery. Written for the prompt: ""Pomegranate juice stained her fingers like the blood of a ruby."
Disclaimer: Not mine

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You can tell you've been reading all the wrong sorts of things when, in the midst of washing your teeth, you glance idly at a bottle and your brain interprets 'bath soak' as 'ragnarok'.

On the upside, my sister apparently thinks that 'Bath Salts And Ragnarok' would make a great band name.
Getting the RL complaining/exhaustion out of the way first: The family spent five hours in A&E last night after my mother had an alarming series of seizures. She also apparently has a kidney infection. She's still in hospital.

This makes this the fourth weekend in two months where shit didn't stop happening. If we weren't in A&E here, we were in A&E the next county over, or we were in my Granddad's one-month-anniversary mass wherein my mother promptly had a seizure, or we were at my granddad's effing funeral. It's getting to the point where I go into work Monday morning and my colleagues are afraid to ask how my weekend went, because chances are good I spent it in bloody hospital. Or, you know, at a funeral. And the month before that, we were visiting granddad in hospital. We practically have reserved effing parking at the hospital car park.

*crumples* Swear to any and all gods you care to name, there is very little I wouldn't give right now not to have to see that place again for ... well, years preferably, but even more than a week at a time would be nice. The county ambulance crews practically know our address by heart. We keep making jokes about frequent flier miles, but honestly if I have to see that bloody car park one more bloody time ...

Argh! Okay. Shutting up now, complaining done. *scrubs hands through hair* If anyone was wondering why I've been largely incommunicado the past while, ah, I hope that clears things up a little -_-;

Now. Moving swiftly on, and for something completely different - I'm watching OUAT of a Monday morning before I go to work. It's probably been one of the few consistent routines I've managed the past few weeks, and it's probably been doing more to keep me afloat than a TV show of such questionable quality should. *smiles crookedly*

And finally, to finish up with some random mythology, I recently came across this tumblr post showing the table of contents for what looks like a very tongue-in-cheek book on mythology. I recognise an alarming amount of the stories examined, I think -_-; "Odin Gets Construction Discounts With Bestiality", yes. "King Midas is: GOLDFINGER". "Abraham is Totally Cool with Stabbing his Kid in the Face", yup. Some I don't recognise off-hand, though, and now I'm curious. "Killer-of-Enemies and the International House of Vaginas"? Native American mythology sounds fascinating -_-; "Eshu Elegba Is Probably The Last Dude You Want Approving Your Friendship"? And it's been a while for Greek mythology, is "Friends Don't Let Friends Bang Cows" referring to Zeus and Io, or was there some other cow-related greek myths that I'm forgetting? (Lets be honest, there probably was. I'm guessing Zeus, though, because he was definitely your go-to guy for bestiality in greek myth).

In short? Mythology is where the original crack fic was born. *nods nods* And contained an awful lot of bestiality, for some reason ...
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I know I owe people other fic, I haven't forgotten that. But this has been sitting on my laptop in various stages of completion for about two months now, and it finally spilled out tonight, so I'm posting it before it changes its mind -_-; Prequel to Enemy Mine, the apocalyptic GO space AU.

Title: A Slow Insurrection
Rating: R
Fandom: Good Omens, Christian Myth
Characters/Pairings: Crowley, Aziraphale (Azra), Lucifer, Gabriel, Azazel, Michael, Jesus, Judas, Adam Young. Aziraphale/Crowley
Summary: Six moments in a galactic war of biblical proportions and the slow insurrection that is seeded through them, as an angel and a demon struggle to make sense of a universe at war and their places in it.
Wordcount: 7028
Warnings/Notes: Backstory for Enemy Mine. AU, blasphemy, violence, civil war, genocide, dystopia, apocalypse, first contact, planetary destruction, exile, all the good stuff
Disclaimer: Really not mine



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