A little bit of angst and fluff, now that I've finally seen the movie and fallen in love with the Goldstein sisters.

Title: All I Ever Needed (Maybe Not All I Want)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Movies)
Characters/Pairings: Queenie Goldstein, Tina Goldstein, mention of Jacob and Newt. Queenie & Tina, Queenie/Jacob, Tina/Newt
Summary: "They didn't normally crawl into bed together. Not anymore, anyway. Not since they were little girls, really, with nobody in the world except each other. Well. A few times since then. Really bad days, here or there. Sometimes good ones, too." Queenie and Tina, after Jacob walks into the rain, and then after Newt sets sail for England. Goldsteins don't give up. Now while they have each other
Wordcount: 1383
Warnings/Notes: SPOILERS. Post-movie. Angst and fluff, comfort, sisters sharing a bed, loss, hope, decisions, determination, hopeful ending
Disclaimer: Not mine

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( Apr. 24th, 2016 10:58 pm)
Okay, so I have just seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time. I'm not sure if I have much of a reaction beyond that it was a little light but very enjoyable, and there were a couple of moments of emotional gold in it. Also, Finn and Rey in particular are absolutely adorable, especially with each other.

I do have to say, though, nobody mentioned to me that the supposed original Jedi temple is portrayed by Sceilig MhichĂ­l. That is ... actually perfect, thematically speaking. For Luke especially. Yes, that works very well.

Also? Do not marry into the Skywalker family. Apparently it never ends well.
I'm new to this fandom and these shows, but I've just watched my way through a significant portion of both of them, and I have so many feelings about Firestorm and Martin Stein and Jax and Ronnie and the connection that comes from the fusion and how many people seem to want to pervert or damage it and how much bad bloody luck they've all had. Mostly Martin, since he's had to survive all of it. I have ... I have a lot of feelings?

Title: Soul Marks
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow (TV), The Flash (2014)
Characters/Pairings: Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson, Martin Stein, discussion of Ronnie Raymond, Valentina Vostok and Henry Hewitt. Jax & Martin, Ronnie & Martin
Summary: After the events of the gulag in 1986, Martin Stein now has a mark on either arm telling him his partner is coming for him, even if one of those partners is now gone. Jax finds him lost in grief and contemplation of that, and together they work their way through it to a deeper understanding of their partnership.
Wordcount: 3902
Warnings/Notes: Aftermath of Ep 1x05. Aftermath of torture, grief, canonical character death, survivor guilt, telepathic/soul bond, scars, marks, emotional h/c, partnership, protectiveness, friendship/love, hopeful ending
Disclaimer: Not mine

Um. This is another video game I haven't played, and another canon I don't entirely know. A friend on tumblr had a lot of posts recently about Nick Valentine, though, and ... well. Battered film noir robot detective in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is relevant to my interests on a couple of levels, yes? So I watched some things on youtube, and read some things, and browsed the kink meme, and then I came across this prompt. I have such a thing for this. The throat, the vulnerability, the trust. So. Yes. Ah. I wrote a thing? My apologies in advance.

Title: The Ragged Edge
Rating: Light R
Fandom: Fallout 4
Characters/Pairings: (Male) Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine. Nick/M!SS
Summary: There are times when the Sole Survivor cannot help thinking about that gaping tear in Nick's throat. The vulnerability of it, how much it shows he's been hurt, how much ... how much trust he must have to let anyone near it. How much trust he must have to let Sole near it. Though, admittedly, Sole hadn't expected that part. Not at all.
Wordcount: 2962
Warnings/Notes: Okay. Robot/android anatomy, scars, old injuries, offering a throat, vulnerability, trust, demonstration of trust, some intensity, declaration of feelings
Disclaimer: Very much not mine

I am in bits. I'm in pieces. Shit.

I saw a random fanvid during the week, and on the strength of it I decided to watch through a Chinese historical drama, set in 4th century Southern Liang, called Lang Ya Bang/Nirvana in Fire. 54 episodes, 36 hours worth of show, and I've watched it all at once over the past ... I don't know, five or six days?

I am in pieces.

I just finished the last episode a few minutes ago. This is the first C-drama I've ever really watched, and I think I must have gotten a good one. That was probably one of the most emotionally intense rides I've ever gotten out of a show. Ever. At all. Some of that is probably a result of watching it all at once, some of it is probably because I'm a little emotional at the minute now anyway, but mostly ... mostly I think it was just fucking good. This last episode, the finale, about snapped me in half. I am in bits. I just am.

I'm trying not to spoil anything here. This is not a show that should be spoiled. I'm trying to keep this vague, but a couple of details may slip in. Just ... I'm not thinking entirely sensibly at the minute.

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( Oct. 20th, 2015 08:27 pm)
I went on a mild Roddy McDowall kick following Legend of Hell House (in between my ghost story kick, I mean), and I ended up watching all 10 episodes of a cancelled 70s show called The Fantastic Journey (said 10 episodes being here on youtube).

It is ... It's kind of amazingly shite, like throw the worst episodes of Trek TOS, Blake's 7 and Logan's Run together, that kind of shite, and the special effects are gloriously terrible when they're not just terrible-terrible instead (there is one episode, it's damn near actually good, except for a truly dire 'spectral voice' effect for one possessed character that had me going WHY?! at the screen every time he opened his mouth). A bunch of people whose ships/spaceships/aircraft disappeared in places like the Bermuda Triangle end up on a strange interdimensional island divided into separate time periods, and try to figure out a way back off again. The main cast include a telepathic guy from the future, a young doctor from the 70s, a scientist's kid played by Ike Eisenmann, and then later a telepathic Atlantean/alien lady and Roddy McDowall's 60s 'rebel scientist' who starts out as a villain. The plots are a bit hackneyed, the characterisation wobbles around the place for a couple of characters, the cast switched around more than once in only ten episodes, and as stated previously the special effects vary from cheesy-bad to actual dire.

... I sort of love it. Which is bad, because there is ZERO fanfic, and I want some. Particularly, and I'm sorry to be cliched about it, but I kind of want Fred/Jonathan slash (they've a bit of Spock/McCoy vibe, okay?), and maybe Jonathan/Varian fallout from that Funhouse episode. It's not likely to happen, however :(

This is the problem with discovering old TV shows. It really is. Heh.
Okay. So I have just watched through all seven episodes of the miniseries version of "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell". I haven't read the book yet, though it's planned for when next I head to the library. Have some confused and somewhat spoilery reactions under the cut?

I'm watching my way through a show called 'Forever' at the minute. Immortal Medical Examiner currently working in New York. It's enjoyable so far, actually. I'm only on episode 6, "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths".

This episode itself, however ... Okay. A cop has a human heart delivered in a package to his desk. They determine it's the heart of a very healthy 25-30 yr old woman killed in the last 3-5 days, and look up missing people for that time and criteria. They find a call girl/prostitute operating under the pseudonym 'Mary Kelly' (which, by the way, whole other kind of tempting fate, right there). None of them twig. None, except the 200 year old ME.

How? Seriously? How does a whole room full of cops be presented with a human organ delivered to a cop from the murder of a prostitute named Mary Kelly, and not come to ONE CONCLUSION?!? Like, even if it's the wrong one, how do you not come to it?

It's the right one, by the way. It is a copycat. Not really a spoiler. And to top this all off, when said ME is explaining that the original Mary Kelly murder was the last and most brutal of the original killings, one of the cops asks him why, was the killer was caught after that? The name has been named, by this stage. They know who the guy's copying. (Though all the other cops have actually started remembering shit by now, so maybe that one was just a little dim).

Honestly, though. Hasn't every crime show ever done some kind of Jack copycat? How do they not twig when Mary Kelly comes up? I'd have thought a large portion of joes off the street would have started suspecting at that stage, let alone a room full of cops.

*flaps hand* But. Nevermind. The episode is pretty good, that bit just broke my suspension of disbelief a little bit. My apologies for the random rant.
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( Jan. 26th, 2015 06:18 pm)
Some thoughts on 'The Librarians', now that I'm all caught up and in love :D

I've been reading both the Honor Harrington series by David Weber and the Girl Genius webcomic by the Foglios of late, and it's become increasingly apparent that there are certain character types that inherantly appeal to me.

To whit: )

I've mostly caught up with Girl Genius (and read an awesome canon-divergent AU where Barry works with Klaus instead of against him back in the early days of the Empire), but I'm missing large chunks of the middle of the HH series. I've read most of the early books, several of the latest ones, and most of the Torch and Talbott subseries, but the middle books of the main series I've still got a catch up on. I've found most of them online, though, Baen free books, so it shouldn't be too much trouble :)

Apparently, summer is for reading, if not necessarily what you thought you would be.
So I've been watching Penny Dreadful for the past couple of weeks, out of curiosity and because I quite like LXG-esque monster mashes. It's ... interesting, I think is the word. Full of terrible people nursing terrible secrets, and the odd few innocents strewn among them - though of the two innocents with screentime so far, one's already dead, so it would seem either you acquire a terrible secret, or you become someone else's on this show. The prospects for the second innocent don't look very bright, therefore.

Just a quick thing to vent my adoration a little before bed. Favourite. Spy. Couple. Ever.

Title: A Wonderous Terror
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: RED (2010)
Characters/Pairings: Ivan Simanov, Victoria Winslow. Ivan/Victoria
Summary: She had marked him for her own, and he had never once regretted it. Ivan & Victoria, shortly after the movie
Wordcount: 1238
Warnings/Notes: Um. Spies, violence, them being mildly psychotic and adorable?
Disclaimer: Not mine

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( Jul. 29th, 2013 11:57 pm)
I saw RED (2010) for the first time last night, because it was there to rent and I'd been meaning to watch it for a while. And while I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much everything in it (particularly Malkovich and Urban), I really only have one substantive thing to say:

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( Jul. 15th, 2013 11:16 pm)
You all knew this was coming. I've just watched the first season of Airwolf for the first time in YEARS, and I've fallen madly in love all over again. *grins sheepishly* So ... Have a little fic to let me vent adoration, yes?

Title: A Little Honest Dirt
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Airwolf (TV)
Characters/Pairings: Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic Santini, Michael Coldsmith-Briggs. String & Dom, String & Michael, Michael & Dom.
Summary: Stringfellow Hawke watches Dom and Michael circle each other, and considers armour and honesty and reasons to let yourself smile.
Wordcount: 2097
Warnings/Notes: Musings on espionage with its attendant costs, and a degree of survivor's guilt from String
Disclaimer: Not mine

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( Jul. 8th, 2013 09:04 pm)
I am rediscovering Airwolf and why I loved it. Um. Mustached, one-eyed spies having something to do with it -_-;

(Yes, I am aware I have a type. *smiles sheepishly* If it's not a spy, it's a trickster. If it's not a trickster, it's an alien/AI/nonhuman. If it happens to be an alien, trickster spy, then what were you saying? I'm afraid I got fatally distracted ;) )

And yes, I mean, there's this helicopter in there too, and the cello-playing loner that flies it, and Ernest Borgnine being genial and longsuffering, but really. I'm here for the spies and we all know it. *grins crookedly*
And finally. My sister helped me to buy the ebooks of Blood Maidens and Magistrates of Hell by Barbara Hambly, so I've just finished the James Asher series thus far. And by 'just' I mean I got the books yesterday and finished MoH about an hour ago. *grins faintly*

Right. I've just finished the second James Asher book by Barbara Hambly, Travelling With The Dead. And ... I really, really enjoyed it? As much as I enjoyed Those Who Hunt The Night, and possibly even a little bit more -_-;

Okay. This book was recommended to me by about three different people on the vampire recs post, and when I looked up the blurb it sounded fascinating. So. Ah. I scrounged up an online version of it, and devoured it over the past couple of days -_-;

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( Nov. 8th, 2012 06:21 pm)
I've been away for a bit. *drops head* I was away-away last weekend (small holiday, not before time), and just ... pretty dead this week? *shakes head at self* It's been one of those weeks.

On the upside, I found a new-old series to adore, while on my holiday. *grins* Does anyone remember an old western from the 70s called Alias Smith & Jones? Because I hadn't, but now I've found it, and it is awesome. *grins* The main characters are the most adorable pair of outlaws I've ever seen, I swear.

I have a thing for TV westerns, yes. Also movie westerns. And for scoundrels, and walking-the-earth, and wandering heroes, and conmen. This most people should realise by this point. And Heyes, I love Heyes, and the Kid, and poor Lom. *smiles* Probably should have figured I'd enjoy this one, yes? Heh.

I also picked up the complete series of Hornblower, and the Barnabas Collins episodes of Dark Shadows, because they had the set on sale and I've been curious for a while. And my sister and I more or less spent our holiday admiring heroic and/or tricksy men in period costume, because why the hell not? *grins*

Regarding Hornblower ... Captain Pellew is still my favourite (he got out and rowed the ship, I'm never getting over that). And Edrington was as snippy and awesome as I remembered him, too. *grins* Look. I have a thing. I like having the thing. These are my happy genres, yes? *smiles faintly, shakes head at self*

So. I'm watching through ASAJ at the minute, with sidelines into the Napoleonic Wars, and gothic vampires waiting in the wings. It is ... rather pleasant, really. Heh.
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( Sep. 26th, 2012 06:06 pm)
I watched the pilot episode recently (no, I'd never seen X-files before, though I distinctly remember the theme tune, so ... *shrugs*).

And it was ... not bad, actually, but there was one thing that bugged me:



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