I'm still very much in an original fiction frame of mind. This is an odd, dark thing that's been lurking for a while.

Title: The Nacre Guardsman
Rating: R
Universe: The Nacre Guardsman
Characters/Pairings: Original characters, armies, dragons, the Nacre Guardsman
Summary: "The thing about wars is that they leave legends behind them. People need stories so that afterwards it makes sense. All those bodies. All those blighted fields. People need stories after a war. They need honour and bravery and glorious sacrifice. They need myths, and the glimmers of things too great to ever truly die." In the horror-stricken aftermath of an Imperial War against dragons, stories live on of a horror and a hope
Wordcount: 2658
Warnings/Notes: Original fiction, fantasy, horror, weird war, world war, dragons, empires, death, human experimentation, weapons, super soldiers, destroying the evidence, extermination, legends, survivors, aftermath
Claimer: Pretty much mine

Odd fragment of a Greek myth science fantasy, originally written for a prompt of ‘immanence’. To warn, I’m working almost entirely off Wikipedia for the mythology and the Greek terminology, so apologies in advance.

Title: Talaris
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Talaris
Characters/Pairings: Hermes, Helios, humanity
Summary: At the dawn of a new era, beyond what even gods know, Hermes and Helios stand on a space station to watch humanity's first FTL spaceship prepare for her maiden voyage. And Hermes, at least, prepares to join her
Wordcount: 1800
Warnings/Notes: Science fantasy, mythology, gods, humanity, outer space, FTL travel, experimentation, exploration, hope, fear, future
Disclaimer: the gods aren't mine

Talaris )
Of the first arc anyway. I think I'll finish this one here, and if/when some more comes, I'll put it in a sequel? I figured this would be a good break, between his kingdom and hers. As always, continuation of the fic started here.

Title: Morning Vows
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Lioness and Lamb
Characters/Pairings: Fami and Calime, Fami/Calime
Summary: Their first shared morning, Fami and Calime wake slowly, share some cold truths, and perhaps some warmer promises
Wordcount: 2607
Warnings/Notes: Arranged marriages, kingdom politics, war and aftermath, personal responses, compromise and promises
Claimer: Still mostly mine

And again, continuing the reversed Beauty & the Beast fic.

Title: Wedding Night
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Lioness and Lamb
Characters/Pairings: Calime, Fami, mention of others. Calime/Fami
Summary: Calime and Fami, on their wedding night. She intends a chaste one. She won't break him so soon. Perhaps some smaller intimacies might still creep up on them, though
Wordcount: 2299
Warnings/Notes: Arranged marriages, wedding nights, fear, compromise, non-sexual intimacy
Claimer: Mine

Okay, so I'm not sure how far I'm going with this, but I figured I'd see how far I'd get. Also, people wanted a little bit of Fami POV, which randomly turned into family feels. Um. Not quite sure how that happened, but I actually like Maoric? Heh. Continuing the reversed Beauty & the Beast fic.

Title: Wedding Presents
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Lioness and Lamb
Characters/Pairings: Fami, Maoric. Mostly focused on family this chapter
Summary: An hour before his wedding, Fami receives a visit, and a present, from his eldest brother
Wordcount: 2386
Warnings/Notes: Arranged marriages, war marriages, family, loss, courage, hope
Claimer: Still mostly mine

A little bit of a continuation of the reversed Beauty & the Beast fic, for those who wanted to see the Beast’s POV on the proceedings.

Title: Declarations of Intent
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Lioness and Lamb
Characters/Pairings: Calime (the She-Beast), Fami, mentions of Kaeri and Maoric. Fami/Calime
Summary: Calime, the she-beast, takes an evening to get to know her promised husband/hostage better. They don't get as far as logistically complicated, but still it's all she might have hoped for and more
Wordcount: 2197
Warnings/Notes: Arranged marriages, hostages, relationship negotiation, threatening gestures, romantic gestures. They're complicated?
Claimer: More or less mine.

I'm mostly in the mood for original fic lately, it seems. Odd, rather dark little bit of a thing.

Title: Logistically Complicated
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Lioness and Lamb
Characters/Pairings: Original characters. Maoric, Fami, Kaeri, the She-Beast
Summary: A tiny bit of a reverse Beauty & the Beast. The beautiful scholar prince of a conquered country is given in marriage to the monstrous warrior queen of their conquerors, in an effort to keep his family and his kingdom safe. It's possible that his new wife didn't expect him to be quite as pragmatic about it as he is, though. To be fair, his family didn't either.
Wordcount: 1960
Warnings/Notes: Fantasy, Beauty & the Beast elements, conquest, war, loss, arranged marriage, political marriage, self-sacrifice, interspecies relationship, curiosity, challenge, manipulation, respect
Claimer: Mostly mine

Finally. I've been fighting with this one on and off for over a year and a half now. It's as good as it's probably going to get here, so I figured I'd call it good. Heh.

Title: Heartwood
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Wyrldwood
Characters/Pairings: Gethyd, Laerin, Haelin, Caerwynn, Taelian knights including Elys the quartermaster. Gethyd/Laerin, Haelin/Caerwynn.
Summary: The wyrldwood, the last forest that stretches along the northern edge of the world along the boundary between it and chaos, is nothing any sensible person wants to tangle with. Though it's been quiet for the last four centuries, since the last great incursion of chaos was vanquished, it still evokes nothing but madness and monsters for most people. Unfortunately, when your partner and the love of your life is a wyrldwood fae by birth, sooner or later even the most sensible person might end up daring its confines. With Laerin as her partner, Gethyd has little choice, and all she can do now is weather the cavalcade of secrets the promise of that vast northern forest draws forth.
Wordcount: 9541
Warnings/Notes: Fantasy, fae/faeries, elves, forests, magic, chaos, love, comrades in arms, confrontations, meeting the parents, backstory, war, sacrifice, body horror, rescue, unicorns, champions, falling in love, hope, romance, confessions. WARNINGS mostly for angst and insecurities and tragic backstories, with a bit of body horror in one particular case. Also, for clarity's sake, 'faer' in the story mostly means 'male fae'. Um. Sorry about that.
Claimer: MINE

Heartwood )
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( Nov. 9th, 2016 11:35 pm)
I wanted something small and soothing?

Title: A Silent Companionship
Rating: PG
Universe: Fae & Fairies
Characters/Pairings: Rue the River Gnome, The Grey Champion
Summary: To imagine the friendship of a lowly river gnome and a fae champion would be the height of foolishness. Rue doesn't particularly care. It's a quiet thing they have, her winter knight and her. A silent companionship.
Wordcount: 1543
Warnings/Notes: Fairies, silence, dangerous people, silent companionship
Claimer: Mine

A random thing that wanted to be written. WARNING for mob wars, murders, and people using floods as a weapon. Altogether a nasty little thing.

Title: Cityside Fairytale
Rating: R
Universe: Fairytale Noir
Characters/Pairings: The Detective, Carla James, Bernie Symes, Lori Allan, the hitwoman
Summary: "Don't nobody mess with Carla James. And don't nobody forget that the river will have its due." The city and the river feed each other, but if somebody murders the wrong man, if somebody tips things the wrong way, then the river will have its due. Urban fantasy, an ugly little slice of fairytale noir.
Wordcount: 4220
Warnings/Notes: Urban fantasy, fairytale noir, river spirits, elemental magic, organised crime, mob wars, murders, weaponised floods, magical abilities, detectives, criminals, highly inadvisable attraction
Claimer: Mostly mine

You know when you have all the elements of a story, and yet despite that you can't actually write it? A premise without a plot, maybe. It's effing annoying. Especially when you haven't written anything for over a month as well.

I was meant to write something for a steampunk challenge. I didn't manage it. I had an idea, it just repeatedly wouldn't go anywhere for me.

Steampunk ghost story. Sort of. Alternately, Doctor Who episode. The idea was Langel's Memorial Automata:

Concept sketch for a new universe. Yes, I'm basically having fun with a vaguely lovecraftian female Batman, what of it? Heh. Though mostly this is about Etta. I like Etta. I'm having fun with her.

Title: Noonday Breakfast
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Silver City
Characters/Pairings: Monique Lamont, Etta, Jameson, Holystone.
Summary: A little glimpse of daily life at Chateau Lamont, the hillside residence of Monique Lamont, socialite and businesswoman, also known as La Nuit, lovecraftian superhero and protector of Silver City
Wordcount: 2975
Warnings/Notes: Alternate history, post-WWII, dimensional portals, aliens, extradimensional beings, superheroes, lovecraftian superheroes, domestic, slice of life
Claimer: Mostly mine, yes

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( Jun. 21st, 2016 05:13 pm)
A random bit of a thing because I watched a nun sail through town on her bicycle this morning on the way to work. There's probably more than a little bit of a) Silver John and b) Discworld in this.

Title: The Witch Run of Gethryck
Rating: PG
Universe: Gethryck? New original 'verse, anyway
Characters/Pairings: Original characters. The witches of Gethryck, Rychild Gerrill, Lyse Terryck and Alyse Myyr most prominently
Summary: Every year on the twenty third day of Aubyn, in the counties of Wychfarm, Lydd, Cathyll and Mayffryn in the province of Gethryck, the annual Witch Run takes place. It's done so in one form or another for over five hundred years now, and there's nobody in the four counties who’ll say a word against it
Wordcount: 1862
Warnings/Notes: Witches, folklore, tradition, slice of life, wild hunt, gossip, feuds, bicycles, courtship
Claimer: More or less mine

I am in an odd, vaguely gothic, dying-earth sort of mood at the minute, and this is what emerged from it. My apologies.

Title: Lovely, Ill-Mannered Creatures
Rating: R
Universe: The Watchers in the Night
Characters/Pairings: The Spider, The Graveyard Man
Summary: There are creatures, the watchers in the night, who guard the edges of reality, who have chosen to do so for myriad reasons of their own. The Spider is one of them, the keeper of many of their secrets, and she is just rude and incautious enough to tell you one of them. Only a little one, a friendly one. The secret of the Graveyard Man, who is her friend, and probably will not kill her for it
Wordcount: 4468
Warnings/Notes: Um. Horror, fantasy, cosmic horror, transformation, occult, monsters, creatures, necromancers, undead, murder, origin stories, creepy people, friendship, protective agencies, justice
Claimer: Purely the results of my own insanity

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( Jan. 1st, 2016 06:28 pm)
Have some random worldbuilding notes for an original universe while I'm on the subject of black dragonfish (long story):

Lemuria Notes


- Planet Lemuria (geography, inhabitants, language)
- Major Nations/Peoples of Lemuria
- Zealandia
- Kerguelen
- Island Union
- Kibu
- Bohol
- Jasconius
- Zaratan
- Deep Mu
- Ys
- Vaalbara
- Interplanetary Bodies (Galactic Ruling/Judiciary Bodies)
- Actual Story Idea

Lemuria )
Written for a [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic prompt about a character being mistaken for a vampire but actually being something a lot stranger than that. I have no idea why this was what resulted -_-;

Title: Yves
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original Urban Fantasy
Characters/Pairings: The Narrator, Great-Aunt Yvonne, Yves. Yves/Yvonne
Summary: Sometimes, for entirely understandable reasons, you end up under the impression that your great-aunt's secret lover may or may not be a vampire. Sometimes, it turns out that the universe is a whole lot stranger than that. All's well that end's well, though. Or close enough, anyway.
Wordcount: 7530
Warnings/Notes: First person. Violence, serial killers, vampires, spirits, violence, rescue, guardians, reincarnation, romance, age difference, happy ending
Claimer: Yep, one of mine

Yves )
Random bit of nonsense for a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic regarding 'the highest room of the tallest tower'.

Title: Manners Saveth Man
Rating: PG
Fandom: Original Fairytale
Characters/Pairings: Mellith the sorceress, Khered the dragoness, Sir Haradyth the knight. Mellith & Khered, potential Mellith/Haradyth
Summary: The trials of the exceptionally grumpy sorceress Mellith and her perhaps not entirely sympathetic friend Khered the dragoness. It turns out that manners may well save knightly lives, as a certain Sir Haradyth found out.
Wordcount: 1211
Warnings/Notes: Fractured fairy tale, grumpiness, angry magic users, violence, humour, friendship, manners
Claimer: All mine

Slightly late for Halloween, but I thought I do a bit of an expansion of my little 100 word drabble The Wanderer. I'm still in a bit of a ghostly mood.

Title: Cainsford Fourteen Miles
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original Work (Suitcase Wanderers universe)
Characters/Pairings: Sandra, Anna, Ephraim, the White Lady. Anna & Ephraim
Summary: The Cainsford Fourteen, the last stretch of road into Cainsford, has been haunted for years. Everyone who drives the 19A, the night route into town, knows that good and well. This time, though, Sandra has a passenger aboard who might be able to help
Wordcount: 6035
Warnings/Notes: Ghosts, haunted roads, white ladies, skeletons, bodies, violence, protection, closure, moving on, moving forward, hopeful ending
Claimer: This one's mine

Primarily just a quick character sketch for an original universe. I'm having a bout of writer's block at the minute, so I thought I'd just put up the fragment to see if it holds water.

Title: The Rose Knight
Rating: PG
Universe: Rose Knight
Characters/Pairings: Mathilde d'Aubigny (the Rose Knight), Alain-Michel d'Estrées
Summary: Sir Alain-Michel d'Estrées has come to the capital in search of the legendary Rose Knight, the country's premiere magician, spiritualist and champion, in the hopes that she will aid his family. First introductions, however, do not go particularly well. Though they don't go that badly either
Wordcount: 1480
Warnings/Notes: Historical Fantasy, alternate history, 18th Century (ish), lady knights, supernatural elements, awkward social situations, first impressions
Claimer: Mine

Written for the following prompt on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic: "So when are you getting a ring on that finger?" "I'm working on it."

Title: A Thief's Challenge
Rating: PG
Universe: Thieves Guild
Characters/Pairings: Analina Mandavas (Queen of Thieves), Roget Devuy. Analina/Roget
Summary: After over forty years of disinterest, the Queen of Thieves has announced a challenge of thieves to win her hand in marriage. Her oldest friend doesn't take the news well, initially. Then he takes it very well indeed
Wordcount: 3820
Warnings/Notes: Criminals, casual discussion of crime, romance, childhood friends, marriage proposal
Claimer: Mine



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