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For all you shatter is our seeming, And in breaking we are free

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Birthdate:Mar 8
At the last minute before that final glorious flight, Icarus was chained, restrained from the sky and light and the fatal dreams borne on wax wings. Bound to cold reality, safe but a prisoner, he watched his father soar out over the sea, and screamed his loss after him.
This journal is the record of a lonely Icarus, trapped in the real world, bound never to fly or know freedom save in the many and varied dreams written here.
And while that may sound poncy as hell, I'm actually quite a nice, friendly person. I just have too many dreams for my own good.

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a-team, addams family, adventure, alfred, aliens, anime, archaeology, archetypes, arsene lupin, avon/vila, babylon 5, bartimaeus trilogy, batman, blake's 7, blakes 7, bottles, bruce/clark, bruce/j'onn, carl/dracula, cartoons, chaos, charmed, climatology, clocks, clockwork, codes of honour, colonel thomas blood, communities, crime, criminal minds, csi, david eddings, dbz, dc comics, dcu, death (discworld), debating, detectives, discworld, disney, doctor who, doctor/master, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dresden files, fairy tales, fantasy, fantomas, fates, fiction, flashman, flight, fragmentation, friendship, futures, ganimard, gargoyles, gaslight, geography, glass, goblins, good omens, grotesques, hades, harry/marcone, hillwalking, history, honour, horror, imagery, instrumental, janny wurts, javert, javert/valjean, jester, jules verne, justice league, knights, la confidential, labyrinth, languages, legends, les miserables, lestrade, loki, lord of the rings, lupin iii, macrocosms, madness, magic, majesty, man from uncle, martian manhunter, microcosms, monsters, morgan, movies, music, mystery, mythology, networks, nikola tesla, oceans, order, original fiction, oz, p/q, patterns, persephone, phantom of the opera, philosophy, physics, pirates of the caribbean, power, pretender, pyrates, quaternary studies, quotes, railways, ray charles, reading, rock, ronin, saiyuki, sanctuary, sci-fi, scifi, severus snape, shannara, sherlock holmes, sirius/severus, slash, snorkelling, space, spock/mccoy, star trek, stargate, steampunk, supernatural, swimming, symbiosis, symbolism, symmetry, synchronicity, systems, the brigadier, the master, thoughts, threads, time, tin man, tmnt, touch of frost, transformers, transport systems, turn-of-the-century, universe, van helsing, vegeta, victorian era, victoriana, villains, vimes/vetinari, visionaries, watches, wings, women, word-smithy, wordsmithy, world, world building, world-building, writing, zenigata, zero
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